248481_10151346552055980_1030416499_nWords, glorious words. If I could feast on them, I would; unfortunately, this isn’t an option, so I choose to make a living out of them instead.

I am a freelance journalist, editor and copywriter who has been writing professionally for nine years and non-professionally ever since I learnt how to use a pencil (remember those?).

After gaining extensive experience working as an entertainment reviewer for BBC Lincolnshire in the UK, I headed to Dubai in 2007 to work for the bestselling English daily, Gulf News, as a features writer. Following this, I worked for one of the UAE’s leading developers as a copywriter/editor, where I learnt to write everything from CEO speeches to video scripts. In other words, I completed my writer’s skill set.

I have now been a full-time freelance writer for more than three years.

I have covered every subject imaginable throughout my journalism career, however, my specialist subjects are lifestyle, travel, mental health and food. I also have a penchant for psychology-based features, due to my degree in the subject, and I have written extensively on topics ranging from introversion and personality disorders to parenting.

If you’re looking for a freelance journalist to help you with your latest publication or project please get in touch for a chat. I also take on copywriting work.

For more information, please visit my LinkedIn page.

  • Hi Andrea,
    I am looking for a journalist / copywriter to help me with our company’s newsletter that will be published ideally early next year. We are not really into health, culture…etc but rather industrial, manufacturing and investments, but the topics we would like to cover are more about the UAE (Can be arts, our chairman loves Art 🙂 and economy, politics…etc.

    If this is something of interest to you, I would love to discuss further.

    Thank you,

    • admin

      Thanks for getting in touch. You’ve got mail 🙂