Published Work

I love nothing more than asking a lot of questions and then locking myself away for hours in order to write, so it’s rather apt that I became a journalist.

As a features writer with more than ten years experience in the industry, I have a proven track record in writing well-researched, interesting and must-read articles. My work has been featured in a number of the UAE’s bestselling publications including The National, ShortList Dubai, BBC Good Food ME, Time Out Dubai, Gulf News and Aquarius.

I have potentially written about every topic imaginable, but I mainly cover lifestyle, psychology, health, wellbeing and travel.

I consistently deliver quality copy, to word count and on deadline, so if you’re looking for a new journalist to add to your network of freelancers, please get in touch through my contact page.

Please see below links for some examples (Note: if your Internet connection is slow, some of the files may take a while to load fully in Google Docs).





Psychology-Based Lifestyle Features:

Learn To Love Yourself (Aquarius magazine)

Want A Relationship That Lasts? Love Yourself First (Aquarius magazine)

Writing My Way To A Mended Heart (Aquarius magazine)

A Look Into The Latest Craze Of Adult Colouring Books (The National newspaper – Arts and Lifestyle section)

Why A Good View Is Good For You (The National newspaper – House and Home section)

How To Stop Procrastinating (The National newspaper – Arts and Lifestyle section)

What’s Luck Got To Do With Success? (The National newspaper – Arts and Lifestyle section)

The Secret Power Of Introverts (Aquarius magazine)

Learning To Forgive (Aquarius magazine)

Free Yourself From Rumination (Aquarius magazine)

Say Goodbye To Being Shy (Aquarius magazine)

Other Lifestyle:

Sing For Your Super (ShortList Dubai)

Winning The Breakup (Aquarius magazine)

Dating in Dubai (Aquarius magazine)

Corporate By Day, Creative By Night (The National newspaper – Arts and Lifestyle section)

Yoga For The Youngsters (The National newspaper – Arts and Lifestyle section)

Drop A Dress Size In 30 Days (Aquarius magazine)


5 Reasons Why Travel Is Good For You (Condé Nast Traveller Middle East)

Dazzling Dubai (Going Places, Malaysian Airways’ magazine)

Discovering The Culinary Secrets Of Hoi An (BBC Good Food ME)

Around Vietnam In Eight Days (Time Out Dubai)

Dazzle Your Senses In Damascus (Aquarius magazine)

Business/Personal Finance: 

How UAE Residents Can Travel The World – On The Cheap (The National – Personal Finance)

Against The Odds: An Interview With Mark Haidar (Bespoke magazine)

For Richer Or Poorer…And In Writing (The National newspaper – Life section of the Business pages)