How Can I Help You?

Maybe you’ve been itching to update your website copy but just haven’t got round to it yet. Maybe you would love to have some additional blog posts on your company’s website, but don’t have the time to write them. Maybe you have written some brochure copy, but would like to make it more powerful.

Whatever your copy needs are, chances are that I can meet them. I choose simplicity and an effective use of words over jargon and flowery marketing gimmicks. I like to get to the point in a tone and voice that’s the right fit for your brand.

Away from corporate copywriting, I also offer features writing and book editing.

Here are just some of the services that I provide:

Corporate/business copywriting

Web copy

Let’s face it – we’re bombarded with so much written information that we barely pay attention to half the things that we read in the newspapers and on our social media feeds. By the time we get to a website, we want to find what we need instantly. It’s therefore more important than ever to make sure that your website’s copy stands out and delivers the message that it needs to in a concise, punchy and informative manner.

I’ve worked extensively with both multinationals and SMEs on their websites, and I have the experience needed to help you identify what it is you want to achieve with your copy, and to ensure that it is up to the mark. I am also well versed in writing copy with SEO in mind.

Brochure copy 

Brochures are dying out. With most written information now found online, companies are turning away from printed media, however, in my opinion, if done properly a printed brochure can really deliver the message that you want in an effective way. My aim is to keep your copy short, to the point, and to elicit the response that you want from your client, whether that’s to contact you for further information or buy a product.


Blogs are big business these days. It’s been found that 61 per cent of consumers say that they made a purchase after reading a blog post. Needless to say, it’s more important than ever to have blog posts that are relevant, well-researched and that rank high on Google.

I have been blogging in a professional and non-professional capacity for the last six years, and can help you to write blog posts that are in line with your company’s objectives, as well as put together a well-researched blog post calendar.


Spelling and grammar mistakes are a big no-no. They make you look unprofessional and sloppy. I proofread all kinds of copy, from CVs and covering letters, through to business proposals, annual reports and web copy. Hire me to help you make the right impression!


Freelance features writing

I have more than eight years experience in features writing, and my work has been published in some of the biggest publications including BBC Good Food ME, Time Out Dubai, The National and Lifestyle Asia. My features are well-researched, informative and always submitted by the deadline. I’m brimming with new ideas that are tailored for specific readerships, so get in touch to see how we can work together.

Book Publishing

Content editing

This looks at any deep issues that your manuscript may have. Before I begin we will outline together your goals for the edit. I can look at things such as consistency of tone, flow (whether sentences and paragraphs need to be moved around), eliminating repetition and wordiness, seeing if the current structure works or if there need to be changes, improving awkward sentences, querying sentences etc.

Line editing

Once your manuscript has been revised and any plot/character/flow issues have been ironed out, it’s time for the line edit. This is when I’ll read the copy line by line and make suggestions for changes that will improve your sentences. I’ll also identify typos, grammatical errors and spelling. If there are sentence problems, I’ll also make suggestions on how they can be improved. These changes will be tracked, so if you don’t agree with anything that I suggest, you can reject it.


If your project doesn’t fall under any of the sections above, please get in touch to see if there’s anything I can assist you with. Even if I feel the work is out of my scope of expertise, I can try and refer you to a well-qualified colleague.

Contact me at andreamelinaanastasiou (at) gmail (dot) com with an outline of your requirements and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.