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Five Random Thoughts for Monday

Another week is over and done with! I’ve mainly spent the last seven days reading, working, and trying to figure out some travel plans for the rest of the year and 2016 (yes, I’m constantly making travel plans). It dawned on me that there are only three months left in 2015 – that’s nuts! I’m really looking forward to a new year, not because I believe you should wait for January 1st to make changes to your life, but because sometimes I think there’s something cathartic about telling a chaotic year to piss off!

Here are my thoughts of the week:

I’m SO proud of my sister

Those of you who know me personally will know that in April this year my sister Natasha was diagnosed with cancer. It’s been an emotional six months, but I’m so ridiculously proud of her for the way she’s dealt with the whole situation. She’s shown levels of maturity that most twenty and thirty-somethings don’t show (she’s only 17), and she’s fought with all her heart. I’m really happy that she hit a milestone last week when she had her last round of radiotherapy, and we’re hoping this is the beginning of the end of it. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for her. Actually, screw that – what SHE will bring for herself in the future, because she’s awesome and she’s going to go far in life. Love you, Natasha!

Those who don’t stick with you through your worst don’t deserve you at your best 

This is a no-brainer, really, and yes it’s one of those annoying quotations that’s often slapped on the front of a cheesy photo and shared via Facebook, but I’m starting to find that some of these quotations actually have a lot of truth in them. In the past I always felt that if someone had done me wrong that I was somehow to blame for their behaviour, but the beauty of growing older is I’m realising that some people behave badly – PERIOD. And no, it’s not because of something you’ve done to warrant their crappy behaviour.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on Project Me (and yes, I’ve yet to blog about it, but I want to complete a lot of the work first before I start sharing my experiences), and as part of this I’m reading loads of books – whether they are self-help, inspirational or psychology books – that are so enlightening in different ways. And one of the things that keeps coming up in some of them is how it’s important for us to develop healthy boundaries for ourselves – something that I realise I’ve never worked on before.

I’ve been guilty over the years of allowing people such as friends to continue to treat me in ways that aren’t acceptable to me, and even when I’ve known I’ve had a point I’ve let them back into my life under the guise of “well it takes two to tango.” No, sometimes people are just asses, and you should let them go for good. And the one good thing about going through difficult patches is that the bad eggs rise to the top quickly. And boy, do they smell bad.

In short the lesson is: don’t put up with any shitty behaviour from anyone.

Listening to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse makes me feel ridiculously badass

I tweeted this the other day, so CLEARLY it’s important enough to mention here, too. I’ve listened to this song nonstop for the last few weeks and it never fails to make me feel fierce for some reason. Maybe it’s the lyrics (‘Make me your Aphrodite’ – I’m bound to love that! I’m Cypriot!), maybe it’s the banging beat (I want to go clubbing JUST to hear this song) or maybe it’s simply because she’s dressed as Cleopatra in the video. I LOVE Cleopatra. In fact, I also dressed up as her a few years back when me and some friends decided to dress up for…wait, there was no occasion, we just decided to dress up as icons. Ha. I don’t remember much of the night, but my outfit was on point (#toomuchboob).

Periods suck

Every month I wonder why oh why my mum and dad had to make me into an XX instead of an XY. WHY? Periods SUCK. They suck before they even start thanks to that wondrous thing called PMS that causes your whole body to swell up until you resemble the Michelin Man, and your stomach to become a bottomless pit that NO amount (yes, NO amount) of Oreos and salt and vinegar Walkers crisps and Cypriot pastries will ever fill (trust me, I tried this month). Then there are the lovely hormones to contend with; one minute you find yourself bawling your eyes out at an ad for toilet cleaner, and the next you’re yelling at your younger sister for daring to rustle her homework too loudly.

And that’s not the end of it. Of course not. Then you have the actual period to contend with; the cramps, the bloated belly, the incessant need for sleep. Ugh. In my next life I’d like to be a dung beetle (note: I actually didn’t know what those look like. Now that I’ve Googled them I’m not so sure anymore. Maybe I’ll come back as a modern day Cleopatra instead).

Why is Dave Cameron still Prime Minister? 

You’d think getting caught with your genitals in a dead pig’s mouth would be enough to make you crawl away and have a bit of a quiet word with yourself, especially if you’re Prime Minister of what was formerly known as Great Britain. But no. Dave Cameron is defiant. Then again, it was wishful thinking on my behalf to imagine him quitting because of the scandal – what would he have said in his resignation speech? “I’m sorry for getting drunk and sticking my penis in a dead pig’s mouth.” Wasn’t going to happen, was it? Sigh.

That’s it folks! What are your random thoughts this week?

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