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Five Random Thoughts for Monday

This has been a marvellous week for me, particularly the last few days, which were spent in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. See, my dear readers, I’m considering setting up base here in Cyprus for a while, and so I had a great friend host me in her beautiful apartment and share her wonderful life with me – friends and all – so that I can start to gauge if I can see myself there. And, in short, it was marvellous! I’m guilty of thinking of Cyprus as quite limiting, but she’s shown me a side to the capital that I didn’t know existed – one that’s arty, alternative, and full of interesting people who love to travel and do creative things like me. It’s relatively cheap to live there if you’re earning money from abroad, so it really could be the perfect solution for me – I can live and work there, and travel as much as my heart desires! Plus, I can see my family every weekend! Watch this space…

Anyway, onto my thoughts for the week!

1.Coffee is a gift from the Gods

The aforementioned great friend took me to a coffeeshop nearby her apartment called The Daily Roast. Now, bearing in mind that I hadn’t had a decent flat white since – actually, I cannot remember the last time I even had a flat white! So as the coffee obsessive that I am, the mere whiff of roasting coffee beans upon entering the place was enough to bring me out in a bit of a caffeine-induced frenzy. You know you haven’t had your fix for a while when you’re getting high off fumes. But yes, coffee really is gift from the Gods. Didn’t someone once say that about wine or something?

2. My mummy is amazing (as well as my family in general)

We celebrated my mum and granddad’s birthday last week (yes, they share a birthday!), which was lovely – we ate way too much cake, to the point that I felt sick. Anyway, I digress. The older I get and the more experiences I have, I realise just how lucky I am to have a mother who not only encourages me to realise my dreams (and believes in me to the point where she’s convinced I’ll be famous some day – ahhh mum!), but who also teaches me to be a decent person. She always wants me to do what I love, even if that means me being away from her for long stretches of time, and never, ever tries to manipulate me into doing what she secretly wants for me. She’s also an endless source of love and affection, and I couldn’t wish for a better mum!

3. Project Me

I realised recently that there’s ALWAYS room for self-improvement, and the one thing I do want to do now is to focus on me – me, me, me, glorious me. I have neglected me for a while now, and it’s time to get that back. I want to do nice things for me. I want to get fit. I want to write my book. I want to work on sieving out people who don’t really want what’s best for me. I want to build a lovely little nest for myself. I want to read things that make me a better person. I want to spend time with people who are good for me.

So the remainder of 2016 is dedicated to Project Me. I’ll be writing more about this in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

4. I can’t wait to see Dona! 

One of my best friends from Dubai is coming to visit this week – so exciting! Cannot wait to see my friend. Our itinerary is rather simple – go to the beach, eat loads of good food, drink loads of wine. Life is definitely good.

5. The Painting

I continue to receive loads of wonderful messages regarding a blog post that I wrote a few weeks back called The Painting, which is lovely, and I’m happy to see that not only do the words resonate with so many of you, but that others can identify with what I’ve recently experienced. This blog post continues to be the stance I take on a certain matter, and this won’t ever change – and it feels damn nice to be able to take a stand and say this is how I feel, and this is the truth. It helped me tremendously to move on from the whole situation, which is what I definitely needed to do.

Project Me is now in full force!

Do you have any random thoughts for Monday to share?

  • Plamena

    The Daily Roast is really a cool place! I would recommend you their sweets also, they are absolutely yummy 🙂

    • Andrea

      I’ll check them out the next time I’m there 🙂

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