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30 Reasons Why Being A Woman In Her 30s Rocks

I don’t understand why any woman is worried about turning 30. Long gone are the days (in our society at least) when being a 30-something woman meant being someone who is ‘past it.’ As we ride yet another wave of feminism, I’m so happy to see attitudes changing and women taking charge of how they’re defined. Being 30-something is hot. 

I spent most of my 20s being insecure, awkward, and I masked most my emotions with alcohol. It’s taken a lot of tears and determination to get to where I am today, but I know that I’m a better and stronger person for it. I now look at my 20s as something of an incubation period; a time when experiences and a lot of inner reflection were necessary for me to evolve to the next step. As a result, I’m now an awesome me. Here are 30 reasons why being a woman in her 30s rocks!

1. Your self worth isn’t tied to anyone else. If someone treats you badly, you know it’s a reflection of them – not you.

2. You exercise to be healthy and feel good about yourself, not to achieve some magazine ideal.

3. You know what you want from a partner (and what you definitely don’t).

4. Career wise you’re at your strongest.

5. You don’t feel the need to play games with your partner. You are who you are; like it or lump it. You let your expectations be known; if they can’t meet them, then you know it’s best that you end things. You let your feelings be known, too; if they do not reciprocate then you know it’s wise to go your separate ways.

6. You’re not in competition with other women. You see them all as your sisters.

7. You dress to feel good about yourself, not to impress others. And it feels damn empowering.

8. When you walk into a bar you no longer wonder ‘do I look good?’ You know you look good.

9. You know to rise above any situations that are beneath you.

10. You value yourself above all else.

11. You know the importance of being kind to yourself.

12. You’re not afraid to be yourself. You’re not concerned with impressing people. You know that you’ll click with the right ones, and those who don’t like you aren’t worth your time.

13. You know when to stop drinking (most of the time).

14. You don’t latch onto a man to fulfil you. Likewise you’re not sat around waiting for some guy to come and ‘rescue’ you. You know you can rescue yourself.

15. You know that as a woman in the 21st Century you have the choice to be who you want to be. You don’t get married because you’re expected to – you get married because you want to. The same goes with kids, career, everything.

16. While your career is important to you, you now know it shouldn’t define you.

17. You see life as a gift, so you try to ride out the rough parts as best as you can.

18. You realise the world doesn’t owe you a thing. If you want something, you have to go out and earn it.

19. You have shed most of your insecurities, and even if you still have some you’ll never put them onto others.

20. You’re mature enough to never let your actions hurt another person.

21. You know that your worth isn’t measured by the size of your jeans.

22. You don’t enter into a relationship because you need someone to ‘complete’ you. You’re a complete version of you by yourself.

23. You’ve learnt the value of simple things – a beautiful sunrise, a delicious meal, an excellent glass of red.

24. You know that mistakes are a part of life and you try not to berate yourself too much for the ones you’ve made.

25. While you care greatly about your appearance, you’re more likely to have embraced your natural attributes. Curly hair? Don’t care!

26. You never ‘lose’ yourself in a relationship. You keep up your hobbies, still focus on your career, and never neglect the other people in your life.

27. You know exactly what you want and what you need to do in order to get it.

28. You deeply appreciate everything that you have in your life – friends, family, health.

29. Speaking of health, you finally realise how it’s the most important thing you have other than your loved ones.

30. You know that whatever happens the best has yet to come because you realise that you control your own destiny.

Anything else to add?



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