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Near Or Far – It’s Good To Get Away At Times

I’m ridiculously excited. As I type this I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish his work out so that we can hit the road. We’re going away to Qasr Al Sarab for the weekend, and I literally cannot wait any longer.

As you can tell from the website, the hotel looks stunning. It is located in what is known as the Empty Quarter, and is surrounded by massive sand dunes from all sides. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere, and when visibility is good, you’re supposed to get a fantastic view of the stars at night.

Why am I so excited about going somewhere that is located within the same country as the one I live in? Well, I love visiting new places. My soul calls out for it. When I haven’t been somewhere new for some time I feel restless and uninspired. Being surrounded by the unfamiliar evokes such strong feelings out of me, that I feel inclined to write and write and write in order to document it all.

So for the next day and a half, you’ll find me on a sun lounger, sipping a cocktail and trying to get ‘inspired.’ It may sound ridiculous that this is what it takes to inspire a writer, but then I don’t call it the best job in the world for no reason!

Have a great weekend everyone.


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