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Tikka Pukka Pukkas – Drink With Caution

Satan’s Tonic

I would like to make a public health announcement: Tikka Pukka Pukkas – drink with caution.

They look innocent enough, which is what lures you into a false sense of security. How lethal can a pink drink that is garnished with a pretty white flower possibly be? And the staff at Trader Vic’s always serve them to you with a big, genuine smile. I realise now why they’re smiling; they know exactly what is coming. Sip after sip you’re succumbing to your slow, humiliating demise.

Try one, if you dare, and see what happens. If you’re even braver, try a couple. If you’re just plain stupid, like I was last night, have four.

After one you feel like Peter Pan on speed.

After two you feel like you’re sexy and you know it.

After three you feel like your whole world is imploding.

After four you no longer feel a thing.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  • Sounds a lot like Tequila…

    • admin

      I’d say it’s more lethal than tequila, as it catches you by surprise…

  • Baw

    Drink Tiki Puka Puka they said, it will be fun they said. I ended in Mexico as i said!

    • admin

      Lol – by Mexico do you mean Maria Bonita’s in Jumeirah? 😛

  • Dani

    yap, tell me about it, i used to have 6 to 7 every night and i close it with a shot of Absinthe.

    then……. i believe i can flyyyyyy lol.

    • admin

      This is the problem 🙂

  • Vinod R

    Very True, Would like to share some of my experience with Tika puka, it was my last day at muscat an official biz trip, my friends had planned to make me high with this cute looking drink which just looks like some orange mocktail (@traders vic) & i had 2 of them on top of having 2 Long Islands and then Bang!!!! it was like a slow poison which mad me pass out after an hour lol…

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